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Word Rebel Incorporated

Four years old is too late to close the achievement gap. Use words to fight inequality.

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The single most effective way to help children graduate from high school on time is to teach them 1,100 words before preschool. This is true regardless of parent income, education, or access to quality schools. 

Word Rebel gives books, and early literacy resources, to 5,000 children living in poverty in Brooklyn, Harlem, Manhattan and the Bronx. Word Rebel makes story-time, and equal opportunity, possible for the children who need it most. 

By preschool, the average high-income child knows 1,100 words while a low-income child knows only 500. This 600-word deficit becomes a 15,000-word deficit by high school, leaving low-income children of color six times less likely to graduate, with only 50% graduating on time. Even the most effective school-age interventions fail to close this language deficit that widens from birth. This is why Word Rebel empowers parents, who lack adequate time and monetary resources, to read from birth. 

Through sixty community partnerships, Word Rebel educates parents about the word gap, teaches parents how to build vocabulary, and connects parents to free literacy resources and books. We need generous donors to provide books!

Word Rebel is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All donations are tax-deductible.