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My name is Voicu Adrian, I`m from Bucharest, Romania , I`m 26 years old, I have CISCO education, my father is a engineer at Polytechnic University of Bucharest and engineering blood is flowing through veins.Also I`ve raised chinchilla since 2007, now they are 39, and I`t time to construct a proper microfarm for them.
I really don`t know how to explain my vision about what I want to archive in my life so I'll just try to enumerate things that I want to make.
Firstly I really need a workshop, I have to rent a house somewhere I can live with my chinchilla, my dog, and make my own workshop.
My dream since 2010 it`s to build a CNC machine and from it a complet workshop.
I want to make a lot of products using wood, plastic , aluminum and other low melting point metals.

Workshop machinery I will construct myself:
-5 axis CNC machine
-plastic injection machine

I want to make a plastic and metals recycle center.

Also I want to make:

Transportation projects:
- Electric Bicycle with a 10 Kw ( 13,5 HP ) with 60-100 km autonomy and self recharging, max speed ~100-130 Km/h
- Fiberglass or hemp fiber composite or others fiber composites electric vehicle with onboard diesel generator and battery bank at affordable price
-Internal Combustion Engines production lines, from 2-3 ccm to car and plane engine with multifuel, inclusive direct crude or burned oil or if on gasoline with vapour injection (at least 50 % more economy)

Energetic projects:
-A biodiesel station
-Home generator (electricity and hot water) - for this I will dedicate lots of time because I have 5 alternative technology to use (an exemple: wood-iron friction heater )
-Garbage Plasma Incinerator (burns waste to make clean energy)
-Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Agriculture and alimentar:
-Healthy vegetarian crops of SUPERFOODS on my 7 Ha land
-Launch a range of products based on Superfoods and other miraculous plants
-Soybean production line
-Production lines for beverages and food products
-Kombucha (already have it, but I need to get to a commercial stage and also a free distribution plan ) same for Water Kefir and Milk Kefir
- Water purification center ozone and UV light technology

- Bob Beck protocol (make de devices for selling and free distribution )
- Coloidal Silver , Coloidal Gold
- Others

Technology research and development:
- “free energy” or alternative energy generation beginning with Tesla, ending with Stanley Meyer
- Propulsion
- Others

- I feel I must open a campus around my techno farm were people around the word will experience alternative technologies, make complete DIY tutorials instead of theory books, completed by videos and experiments kits for sale
- We could bring to every home in 20-30 years alternative fuels generators just by sharing our complete DIY tutorials for free to all word.

Note that at every category last line is Others (I already have it on paper, but for the moment let`s stick to this list)
Also I hope you`ve understand most of my bad English and also know what this tech will mean for people, because we can offer to them energy independency, a healthier and happier life

OK, So I threw in front of you a list of dreams and many will say, well from a CNC you make an auto company, but I know what I want to make, I`ve puted everything on paper,
Just my closest friends knows that I`m able of doing this and for the others just by working I can prove them I`m made for this.
I just need to have the patience and dedication required and I`ll make my dreams.

So, how much money I need, mmmm... for the CNC Machine ? Hole workshop ? or for the auto company ?
just CNC machine - between 3000 $ and 10000 $
hole workshop - begining from 10000 $ and up
auto company - same above plus several years of work.



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