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CROWDRISE : Mar 16, 2016
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World Elephant Day

Bringing the world together to help elephants every August 12

World Elephant Day is celebrated annually on August 12th. As an “Earth Day” for elephants, it has been established to bring the world together to save elephants from extinction by spreading awareness about why and how this is happening, explaining the threats elephants face, and offering concrete solutions that will ensure their survival.

The task ahead is difficult. Due to the rampant poaching of elephants for their ivory, and the rapid loss of their natural habitat, one elephant is killed every 15 minutes. One hundred elephants are killed every day. Over thirty-five thousand elephants are killed every year. Less than 500,000 elephants remain in the world today. At this rate, elephants will be gone in our lifetimes. Our goal is to stop the killing and make World Elephant Day a celebration of these remarkable creatures instead of a grim reminder of their imminent extinction.

This past year, World Elephant Day 2015 built on the success of its previous years. It tripled its outreach from 2014 trending across all traditional media and social media channels with over 374,000 mentions and 1.6 billion potential impressions. With this growing global awareness about the increasing urgency to protect elephants from extinction we plan for the fifth annual World Elephant Day 2016 to be even bigger.

Tax ID: 47-5675923 •


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