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World Aquaculture Institute Corporation dba World Aquaculture Fund

Re growing the World’s Resources Advancing Nutrition, Medicine, Protein & Environment fighting World Hunger, Malnutrition Tax ID 20-2530846


Ecology of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Larvae of the spawning grounds in the Gulf of Mexico;   All of us are dedicated to preserving a robust and diverse natural environment in the Oceans and Gulf of Mexico and WA strives to be a leader in safeguarding the environment and its’ ecosystem. WA is providing a vessel as the working platform for sampling in the Gulf during the Bluefin spawning season.   Please support this effort with a tax deductible funding for our program $30,000 or 10,000 gallons fuel; because sustainability of the Gulf depends on it.  

World Aquaculture's mission, Regrowing the Worlds Resources through global development of community-based, self-sustainable aquaculture facilities, advancing the World's Fin Fish "Protein" supply.  Your donations will help. 

Our oceans are being devasted by over fishing.  World hunger and Childhood Protein-Energy Malnutrition(PEM), are globally the most important risk factor for illness and death, with hundreds of millions of pregnant women and young children affected.  Child mortality rates indicate that malnutrition was the underlying or contributing cause of death in roughly 55% of 1- to 4-year olds; yet, with adequate land-based aquaculture facilities, these rates can be reduced to less than 5%

World Aquaculture has launched an appeal to globally build, self-sustainable aquaculture facilities, the "Blue Revolution," and the battle against the "silent emergency," Protein-Energy Malnutrition(PEM), with self-sustainable aquaculture development.  As a partner, YOU with our social entrepreneurs can make a difference, Regrowing the Worlds Resources Advancing Nutrition, Medicine, Protein fighting World Hunger, Malnutrition promoting education, fighting disease and poverty.