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Edward Orem

Edward Orem
Ojochal, Puntarenas Costa Rica
Stuff About Me:

I have been in Costa Rica, an under-developed country, since 2001. For 15 years I have been teaching citizens and foreigners a mind-body training system with roots in Chinese martial arts. I just awarded a woman her Black Sash qualification in Kuang Ping Tai-chi Chuan. As 5th Generation inheritor of Kuang Ping style (Yang Lu-chang, originator), I will soon entitle her to teach this style, the first Costa Rican to qualify. Why so few in 15 years? The citizens don't have available fiscal resources, nor cultural supports for the sacrifices required in time-$-effort. As for the foreigners, well, virtually all come here for frivolous play, not to train mind and body.
My formal integral training began in 1965, and I've been teaching since 1976. Yeah, I'm an old guy (see the caption on my profile picture?); maintaining vital longevity is part of the message in our training, as you may surmise from my website.
I have advanced qualifications in Wu Shu Kung Fu, Kenpo, and Kuang Ping TCC. I've made 30 training videos for sale and wrote several books, two of them being training manuals, available through Amazon, and
Those products plus my classes plus an offer of accommodation here in Costa Rica, might add up to a viable exchange for those interested in backing my effort to seed a new country with mind-body training information.

What I have in mind for 2019 is to recruit my newly certified teacher into helping me set up the World Congress of Mind-Body Educators:

Purpose of the World Congress of Mind-Body Educators A Global Forum for Master Teachers to pool information, exchange ideas, coordinate efforts.
Forum Theme: Evolution at Source. Skills gained through integral mind-body training not only help in everyday living tasks, but are needed for survival of the species.

To Be Resolved 1) Broadening the public acceptance base.  2) Inserting integral training into mainstream culture.  3) Gaining recognition of Integral Mind-Body Education by global organizations.
Meeting Location/Dates Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. February 2-9, 2019.
The psycho-kinetic specifics of integral training: Relevance in a Global Society
Declaration of the importance of whole-system training to human development.
Examination of mind-body understandings which lend themselves to inter-cultural insights.
Challenges to a peaceful world: Methods of embedding meta-cultural skills into a hostile cultural milieu. 
Identifying which governmental, meta-governmental, and NGO bodies are interested in installing mind-body training in educational institutions.

Energy Medicine of the Ancients: Time to Come Out of the Closet
Energy Medicine techniques within classical training: 1.How to make EM relevant to the average person who has no integral training in his background?  2.How can EM gain acceptance as a recognized medical option?
Promoting EM as means to make low-cost health maintenance available to public.

Violence in Modern Society: The Failure of External Sanctions
Focus on the Individual: Assert well-known, thoroughly-researched techniques whereby individuals take responsibility for re-structuring the neuro-transmitters within themselves;
Changing the Ambience: Construct and implement programs (movement-breathing-focus of mind) tailored to specific institutions that change their electro-magnetic field.
Identifying the Biggest Bullies: How to neutralize and transform the culture of punitive personalities and paradigms of punishment; How to implement Integral Education programs for counsellors, administrators, police, social workers, politicians, teachers.

Cross-Cultural Considerations
Examination of values held in common around the world, vis-à-vis how classical training addresses basic needs of all people, no matter their nationality, religion, or political belief;
Declaring the right of gifted athletes, scholars of the arts, and recluses to not only be left in peace, but supporting their efforts materially by identifying/initiating programs which will sustain their research as they pursue the higher aspects of being human.




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