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Leah Stephens' Fundraiser:

World Food Day: Organic Farming is The Future

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Leah's Photo
Leah's Photo

Leah Stephens via Crowdrise
July 27, 2011

Tomorrow we are going to document my attempt to find non-gmo corn and then film me sending 2 corn cobs to our group members.  See more


EVENT DATE: Oct 16, 2011

Leah Stephens


In Kansas City, Missouri we are organizing a flash mob to raise awareness of genetically engineered crops and the future of organic food. We invite you to join us on facebook:

I am a mother. While trying to figure out what to feed my baby, I discovered that most of the corn grown in the US has been genetically engineered to produce it's own pesticide. I also became ill after consuming vast amounts of processed food. These two events prompted me to investigate the issue of genetic engineering in great detail. After months of intensive study of both personal testimony and independent scientific journals,  have I have come to the conclusion that we must stop genetically manipulating organisms and we must once again return to organic farming on a world-wide scale. Why? It is now apparent to me that by mutilating the natural DNA of organisms, we are causing great damage (Google: BT cotton).

Genetic engineering promotes excessive pesticide use because the seeds are engineered to be resistant to the pesticides. They are bought as a package, thereby doubling profits. When farmers are lured into buying GMO seeds they become dependent upon companies. For tens of thousands of years farmers shared seeds freely. Now, patents are applied, farmers buy GM seeds + pesticides and the earth suffers, our health suffers, the bees vanish, butterflies become a rare sight. The only ones who profit are the multi-national corporations. Sound like fiction? In one part of China the bees have been wiped out from pesticides. Humans now pollinate pear trees. How bad does it have to get? Do we really want humans to pollinate our crops instead of bees? The bees on organic farms are not suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder. The bees that are suffering are the ones recruited to pollinate the conventional and GM crops. This way of growing food is damaging the entire ecosystem and Mother Nature is indeed, very very wounded, and yes, angry.

But there is a solution: organic farming is how we all got here to planet earth and organic farming will save us. If we pay attention now. The great thing is that if you are poor and cannot give money, you can visit us on facebook and contribute your creativity. We are looking forward to what you express. We are excited by the possibility of understanding how world citizens are dealing with this problem:

My method is to create two portals, one for each group of people. For people who have money to give, we receive donations and for those who do not have money, we ask for creativity donations. At the same time, we are allowing the citizens of the world to download our designs, stock images and posters for free. This creates an open exchange of ideas, expressions, impressions and allows us to interact in a new way. Our creativity remains one of the last resources that has not been commodified. We welcome anyone and encourage all to express themselves, even if they do not consider themselves to be creative. Every person has a unique talent that can be shared with others. This richness of diversity is the fabric of humanity. 


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