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CROWDRISE : Jun 30, 2010
Tax ID: 13-3968225
BASED: Maplewood, NJ, United States


Our Mission

To transform the lives of orphaned children and help them to become healthy, independent, productive members of their communities and the world.

Orphans are the world’s forgotten children. They live in anonymity—feared, stigmatized, avoided, voiceless and invisible. But orphans – like all children—yearn for love and dream of bright futures for themselves. 153 million children in the world have lost one or both parents. Many, through no fault of their own, are destined to live out their childhoods in institutional settings or on the street, devoid of loving caregivers, sick and hungry, without dreams and without purpose. But Worldwide Orphans (WWO) is working to ensure that orphaned children can have a happy, healthy childhood in spite of their circumstances. By providing them with love, play, education, health care and hope, we give them what every child needs…a chance. 


A child loses one month of developmental skills for every three months spent in an orphanage. By the time a child turns three, they are often a full year behind in development, and the disadvantages start to accumulate, including learning disabilities, ADHD, auditory processing disorder and attachment issues. WWO delivers programs to address the needs of the whole child, giving them strong bodies and the coping, social and life skills they need to be happy and successful in the future.


Tax ID: 13-3968225 •


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