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Wrapped Up

Wrapped Up
CROWDRISE : May 11, 2015
Tax ID: 47-2108674
BASED: Fairhope, AL, United States


Our Mission

Wrapped Up is a non-profit community service organization that provides a way for loved ones to donate their time and non monetary resources to those in need of assistance due to illness or injury.

My name is Margaret (Humenansky) Turner  I am a Breast Cancer Survivor!

Wrapped Up began after my own battle against Breast Cancer. 
When I shared my diagnosis with family and friends, they all had the same response: "I'm so sorry, what can I do to help?" 
After a long pause I would respond: "Nothing, really, everything's fine."   
Everything was NOT fine. Like most people I have dozens of things to do each day. Now added the over whelming news of being told I have Cancer, needing to begin treatment while juggling a family with a special needs child (my oldest son is severely Autistic) and a job. I felt as though I was hanging from a cliff by my finger nails. Fortunately for me I am blessed with a supportive family,friends, church members and neighbors that ALL stepped up to help. Thank you. Cancer is also a humbling experience. 
Suffering from an illness or injury is draining both physically and emotionally.  You're fatigued and can barely move. Just going to the market for something as simple as bread or milk can wear you out. Even the strongest of people become fatigued when receiving chemotherapy or radiation.


Tax ID: 47-2108674 •


Wrapped Up

Wrapped Up

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