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Wrestle Like A Girl's #Campaign44 T-Shirt Fundraiser

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With Wrestle Like A Girl's Prize from the United World Wrestling's Women and Sport award to #Campaign44, we are now at over $11, 827!!!!!!
March 11, 2017

BENEFITING: Wrestle Like A Girl Inc

EVENT DATE: May 01, 2017

sally roberts


Support Campaign 44. There are currently 44 states within the United States that do not offer girls wrestling at the scholastic level... but we are working to change that. Our goal is to raise $60,000 to help support programming, initiatives and advocate for girls high school scholastic sanctioning. Join our team, donate today!

With a minimum donation of $44.00, you will get an email back from Crowdrise (Check your junk junk/spam folder) asking your shirt size. 

The sizes available are:

Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth Large

Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XL

If you need a different size, please email to inquire. 

The states that ARE sanctioned:

Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, California, Texas, Tennessee, (and Guam!). 

States that NEED sanctioning (alphabetical order): 



New Hampshire 
New Jersey 
New Mexico 
New York 
North Carolina 
North Dakota 

Rhode Island 
South Carolina 
South Dakota  
West Virginia 

Where will your money go?

Each state will cost to fully support, advocate and promote sanctioning efforts, and our goal (lofty as it may be), is to get 25 more state sanctioned in the next five years!

Wrestle Like A Girl, Inc. state sanctioning support will include:

Highly-qualified staff working with both state AD’s and state sanctioning committees to determine the best way forward, while utilizing Resolution No. 14 from USA Wrestling- issued specifically to support sanctioning. 

Each state campaign will get:

  • A promotional video highlighting state sanctioning efforts (which will be used in a presentation to each state’s AD/Executive Committees)
  • Social media presence- Campaigns and ad’s reaching target audiences to promote movements, efforts, events, and vital information 
  • Support with hosting and conducting developmental events/camps/clinics to promote the state sanctioning campaign efforts including, Wrestle Like A Girl camps that promote whole athlete development. 
  • Any and all document writing necessary for sanctioning packets
  • PR/Media relations to promote significant events and highlights
  • Positive collaboration with all state A.D.’s, Committees, parents, schools and teams to work on changing the hearts, minds and perceptions towards females in the sport of wrestling advocating for equality and opportunity for all

… And, whatever else comes up along the way. 

For instance, while working with the Kansas state A.D., we were told 24 teams needed to attend a state tournament to be able to submit a sanctioning packet. Through combined marketing, promotion and support efforts- we developed the campaign #Kansas24. The initial 12 teams soon became 36 so progress has been made!

Washington D.C. has no pipeline for either male or female wrestlers and Wrestle LIke A GIrl, Inc. is going out to support the District’s A.D. to develop the pipeline and with the goal of having BOTH male and female wrestling sanctioned within two years.

Virginia needs to have the number of girls who get hydration tested remain consistent over the season. That can be a hard task but when given dedicated postive promotion and advocacy efforts the number went from 165 in 2016 to 225 in 2017!!! 

The state of Colorado needed to get a base number and determine how many girls actually wanted to participate. After speaking with their sub committee on wrestling, we determined we needed to have 3 Wrestle Like A Girl camps along the Front Range to promote the sport, Colorado state sanctioning efforts and to develop the pipeline. 

For more information, go to:

To view our new promotional video:

Need more information, contact:



  • Bryan Bryngelson


  • Bryan Bryngelson


  • Lisa Matuska


  • Denise Underwood


  • Juliann Miller


  • William Holmes


  • Joel Maloff


  • Garrett Beal


  • Leila Maloff


  • Ryan Fiedler


  • Jess Mullen


  • Jennie Koenig


  • Rachael Elliott


  • Melissa Crump


  • Amy Meyersick


  • Darren Guran


  • Train. Fight. Win


  • Melissa Crump


  • Lainey Nickol


  • Clifford Cushard


  • Thomas, Andrea & Diane Yamamoto


  • The Dugenios


  • Paul Graziano


  • Clifford Cushard


  • Paricheher Aryafar


  • Jack Schindler Sacred Heart Cathedral Wrestling Head Head


  • Arkansas Girls Nationals Wrestling team


  • Alissa Aguilar


  • Nadine Egana-Anthony


  • Zoe Bradt


  • Royce Riggan


  • Yvonne Mahoney


  • Paula Jones


  • Duncan Smith


  • Kailey Rees and Family


  • Alicia Messer


  • Emily Condella


  • United World Wrestling


  • Samantha Hendersom & Kaylah Evans


  • Charline Hagemaster


  • David J. Bell


  • Dalia Garibay


  • Payten Van Pelt



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The Team: $11,982 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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sally roberts

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Donor Comments

Payten Van Pelt

Payten Van Pelt

11 months ago

Dalia Garibay

Dalia Garibay

Proud to Wrestle Like A Girl! 11 months ago

David J. Bell

David J. Bell

Congratulations on growing the sport! 11 months ago

Charline Hagemaster

Charline Hagemaster

11 months ago

Samantha Hendersom & Kaylah Evans

Samantha Hendersom & Kaylah Evans

Looking forward to Kaylah to be able to wrestle other girls when she get to middle school and high school. She may only be 8 years old but she has more love for sport then most boys. We are going to Las Vegas this year so she can watch the other women wrestler and she will be competing in folkstyle for kids. Looking forward to seeing here compete in Vegas. #Campaign44 11 months ago

United World Wrestling

United World Wrestling

11 months ago

Emily Condella

Emily Condella

12 months ago

Alicia Messer

Alicia Messer

1 year ago

Kailey Rees and Family

Kailey Rees and Family

Love this organization! 1 year ago

Duncan Smith

Duncan Smith

1 year ago