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Win The War! Against Violence

Our Mission: To help bring about a substantial reduction in violence through education. Specifically accomplishing this by people voluntarily using the power of their unique, personal, individual, identity while never compromising any of our common, fundamental principles. Tax ID 27-5333413


When it comes to violence there is no mystery, education works. When kids know better they do better. But some youth for some reason don't know better. Not anymore. WTWAV is going to make sure every youth in America knows that "Unjustified Violence Against Other People is NOT Acceptable in America.” Most youth already know this message but there are a few who don't and we will never know who they are before any violence. That’s why we have to talk to ALL youth in the U.S. Why tell youth? Youth ages 12 to 24 account for 50% of all violent offences. Why should youth not do violence? Because it is in their own self interest without being selfish and that is a beautiful and rare things. Help us free our youth from violence. Help us reach every youth so they get the message directly and individually. Especially the 25 million youth in America ages 12 to 17 before they reach the violence danger zone of 19 to 24, which is the highest age group by far of violent offenders. If you help us, we will use all the media available to reach youth where they are including our free app and social media. We will be where the youth are and not where we want them to be. What you be certain of in this campaign is that WTWAV will never stop trying to get this peaceful positive