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Do you remember Indecent proposal

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Do you remember Indecent proposal? is a 1993 drama film based on the novel of the same name by Jack Engelhard. It was directed by Adrian Lyne and stars Robert Redford, Demi Moore, and Woody Harrelson High school sweethearts David (Woody Harrelson) and Diana Murphy (Demi Moore) are a married couple who travel to Las Vegas, hoping they can win enough money to finance David's fantasy real estate project. They place their money on red in roulette and lose.

After gambling away all of their savings, they encounter billionaire John Gage (Robert Redford). Gage is attracted to Diana and offers David one million dollars to spend a night with her. After a difficult night, David and Diana decide to accept the offer, and a contract is signed the next day. Gage flies Diana to a private yacht where he offers her a chance to void the deal and return to her husband if he loses a toss of his lucky coin. Gage calls it correctly and she spends the night with him.

Although he had hoped to forget the whole incident, David grows increasingly insecure about his relationship with Diana, consumed with a fear that she remains involved with Gage; this insecurity is heightened by the fact Diana discovers that Gage has bought their home/property while it was going into foreclosure. As tension between them builds, David and Diana separate. Gage recognizes that, even if Diana stayed with him, their relationship would never achieve the intensity she had with David.

Realizing that she longs to return to her husband, Gage makes up a story that she was only the latest in a long line of "million-dollar girls." Diana understands that Gage is doing this to make it easy for her to leave. Gage gives her his lucky coin, which is revealed to be double sided. She returns to the pier where David proposed, finding him there waiting. They join hands.

Engelhard's novel contained cultural friction that the screenwriter left out of the movie: the main character, named Joshua, is a Jew and his billionaire foil is an Arab. The New York Times summarized its themes as “the sanctity of marriage versus the love of money, the Jew versus significant non-Jews such as shiksas and sheiks, skill versus luck, materialism versus spirituality, Israel versus the Arab countries, the past versus the future, and the religious world versus the secular one.”

Box office The film was a box office success, earning $106,614,059 in the U.S. and $160,000,000 internationally for a worldwide total of over $266,000,000.

Cultural references 1. The 2002 episode "Half-Decent Proposal" of The Simpsons parodies and follows the story of the film loosely.The episode "Conference" of UK comedy series "Peep Show" references the central concept of the film, where one of the Mark's boss offers Jeremy £530 to spend the night with Jeremy's past girlfriend 'Big Suze'. 2. Oprah Winfrey ran a survey of her viewers indicating that about 50 percent of them would consider taking the money. 3. Many of the critical reviews found that the movie shamelessly pandered to the base instincts of the viewers. That was one of the aspects I enjoyed the most. If we are honest we should admit that most good movies pander shamelessly to our base instincts-- that they make us laugh, cry, lust and fear. Moviegoers take pleasure in fantasy.

Do you remember Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? is a 1967 American comedy-drama film starring Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier and Katharine Hepburn, and featuring Hepburn's niece Katharine Houghton. The film contains a (then rare) positive representation of the controversial subject of interracial marriage, which historically had been illegal in most states of the United States, and was still illegal in 17 states—mostly Southern states—up until 12 June 1967, two days after Tracy died, when anti-miscegenation laws were struck down by the Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia. The film was produced and directed by Stanley Kramer and written by William Rose. The movie's Oscar-nominated score was composed by Frank DeVol.

My film:

Indecent proposal. The remake

It´s not about money or race. It´s about love. Values.

The plot of the film is therefore offering a millionaire black man a million dollars, in exchange for a weekend with a bankruptcy married white woman. The opinions of friends and family from both sides intersect and diverge about the importance of love and money. Can you love someone that he or she looks different form entire families and races? What do you think about money for sex to save the marriage?

I am a black man. This idea strike my heart. Years ago.

I have many movements, actions, expressions, and dialogues of the characters handwriting. For two years I have been modeling it by writing or in my mind. I have been possessed for the film-idea. I think would be a great movie success and many people would enjoy the good movie.

I need money for sharing my ideas with movie experienced people who help me to do the screenplay. I have the core of film and featuring. I need to build the dialogues and scenes. I want buy the software DreamaScript. I need to pay a professional screenwriter to amend or correct it.

After finishing, I need to sell my Screenplay to Hollywood.

They are marriage. They are broken. They love each other. Offer: one million dollar for a weekend with her. It is just sex. Not love. With a black man. Would you accept?



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