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Yaguara Calendar

The Story

1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Testicular Cancer is the #1 cancer in men aged 15-35. Yet both these cancers are highly curable. Knowledge is power here, and early diagnosis is key. The Yaguara Men’s Brazilian Challenge supported by Speed Rack aims to spread the word and raise money for both these cancers. Being Brazilian there was of course really only one way to do this, and luckily we were able to find a great bunch of bartender friends, many of whom had personal reasons for getting involved, who are willing to go "under the wax." Yaguara blue wax, of course! So, this is where you come in. These guys have waxed for real. So please help them by waxing your wallet, pledging some support and most importantly, helping us make a difference. 
You can also now buy a Yaguara Men's Brazilian Challenge 2015 Calendar for $15, the price of a craft cocktail in New York. Calendars will only be sold at official Speed Rack events nationwide. Donate $15 to the charity below of your choice at a Speed Rack merchandise station to receive your 2015 calendar! #YaguaraChallenge

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Zero Prostate Cancer

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