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Our country needs jobs.
Businesses create jobs.
Entrepreneurs create businesses.

Who creates entrepreneurs?

You do, by supporting YES. We're a community-based, non-profit organization founded in Orange, MA in 1998. We have a small budget, a big heart, an impressive track record, and a vital mission.

For over a decade, committed YES staff and volunteers have been helping teens and young adults in our economically-challenged 30-town rural region in Western Massachusetts find and follow their own paths to prosperity through entrepreneurship, job readiness and financial education.

By equipping today's youth with what they need to

  • add value to our nation's workplaces
  • grow businesses to employ themselves and others
  • save, spend, invest, and donate their money wisely
  • become engaged citizen leaders

we are building a more robust, forward-thinking, and sustainable economy from which this and coming generations can fashion more prosperous families, neighborhoods and communities.

Giving to YES isn't charity (though your gift is 100% tax-deductible):
It's a direct investment in the future. Past generations did it for us.
Now it's our turn to PAY IT FORWARD.

Won't you help our young people pursue their American Dreams by investing in YES' work today?

To learn more, click on any of our projects below and

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