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Yoga For The Peaceful

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Join  the Warriors for Healing Family, Support a Growing Movement, Give Back to Our Veterans and First Responders, Practice Selfless Service!


By working together we can, in a loud and resounding voice, join forces around a shared purpose to create awareness about the healing powers of yoga science. Our collective knowledge and energy can have a direct impact on those suffering from trauma. We can reach a wider audience and promote empowerment and transformation nationwide. We can provide veterans and first responders a pathway for healing, wholeness, and a repurposing of their lives through a new mission.


Our founder, Brad Willis (aka Bhava Ram), is a former network news correspondent who covered wars and refugee crises in Afghanistan and Iraq, drug wars in South America, apartheid in Africa and exposed the sex-slave trade in Asia. A broken back and failed surgery ended his career. Then came stage four cancer from toxins in the Gulf War. Confined to a body brace and unable to sit up for a meal, he faced addiction, depression and the symptomatology of PTSD. On the brink of death he healed himself through the deeper mind/body/spirit scientific practices of yoga. 


Through the Warriors for Healing foundation, Willis now devotes his life to giving back to those who have given so much. Selfless Service is a centerpiece of human kindness and compassion that flows through all spiritual practices and all cultures, reminding us that we are all in this together. As we lift others up, we lift ourselves to greater heights, and in our own way we help to heal the world. 


The mission of Warriors for Healing is to spread awareness about the transformational science of yoga and its effectiveness in combating stress and PTSD, to provide resources, classes, and support systems for veterans at a growing number of yoga studios and community centers across the country, and to create a pathway for veterans to repurpose their lives and experience self-empowerment.


In 2016, we will be unfolding W4H trainings for those wishing to teach and serve veterans, first responders and other populations facing traumatic stress. Our partner, the Give Back Yoga Foundation, also provides trainings, instructional booklets and audios to VA Centers and a host of military and veteran groups.


Your donations will also help Warriors for Healing grow this movement of selfless service, expand awareness of the healing powers of yoga to a broader audience, and to hold more special fundraising events nationwide.


To learn more about Warriors for Healing please click here.





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