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CROWDRISE : Sep 30, 2013
Tax ID: 33-0732542
BASED: Mountain Ctr, CA, United States


Zen In My Heart Project

The Zen In My Heart Project has been created for Yokoji Zen Mountain Center to assist with fundraising in the aftermath of a natural disaster. The goal of the Zen In My Heart Project is to bring awareness to the Center's current situation and raise money to rebuild and restore the center for generations to come.

The Idyllwild Fire in July, 2013 caused severe damage to Yokoji Zen Mountain Center. Firefighters were able to save the center from burning in the fire, but all of the mountains around it burned. The storms that followed the fire caused flooding and mudslides throughout the property, leaving it in a state of disaster.  Funds raised to help the center will assist in the necessary preparations to keep future flooding and mudslides from causing further damage from future storms.

The center was founded in 1983 as a summer retreat and training center as a sister center to Zen Center Los Angeles, by Maezumi Roshi. Yokoji Zen Mountain Center is one of only a dozen zen training centers of its kind in the US. Before the disaster, Yokoji was a full-time zen training facility where Abbot Tenshin Roshi lived along with the residents of the center. It is currently not safe to live at, and is therefore closed to the public.  The goal of the Zen In My Heart Project is to raise the funds necessary to rebuild the center and preserve the legacy and teachings of Maezumi Roshi and the zen practice that he established at the Yokoji Zen Mountain Center.


Yokoji Zen Mountain Center Mission Statement

To provide students and families with a supportive environment for the teaching, training, and practice of Zen Buddhism, to incorporate sound ecological principles into the development and functioning of Zen Meditation Center, and to ensure the continuation of the Buddha Dharma for future generations.


Yokoji Zen Mountain Center is a 501 c (3) organization.




Tax ID: 33-0732542 •


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