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Organized by: Julia Hayden

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I'm so sorry I ran out of space in my, "Mini-Summary". Don't you think it's odd 2 only allow 140-characters 4 something as so important as 2 bare your soul to the general public? I mean, why not a good round number like, 150, or 175, or even, 200? But WHY 140? I mean, who even came up with that number? It's not like 10 extra characters is gonna hurt anything...right? I mean seriously, those 10 extra characters could mean the world to the "End-User"! (EU = that means U or I, US!) Right?! So 10 characters could simply B the difference between somebody/someone saying, "thank you" (= 9 characters, including the space as well), right? Or...<...insert at least 40 more examples of witty words or phrases that have between 1 - 10 characters 2 prove your point...hehehe>

Are y'all sure ya wanna sit back & waste time out of your busy day 2 stop & listen/hear (<---fyi, sometimes I do that because I can't decide on which word 2 use, so sometimes I'll come back after re-reading my draft, and choose between the 2, OR, I'll just leave them both in & let U, eh?) about my horrific life? Wouldn't U rather B getting a massage right now instead of listening to my, "cyber-cardboard box w/a black marker", like U see people do on the sidewalk when they need help, right? I mean, isn't this basically the same thing? Although, I have been "trying" 2 make it a bit funny, like the website said to. Like you'd get more donations if your story was somewhat, "lighthearted", or "cool", or "funny". Oh my gosh! I just had this vision of the dude/dudette, with the cardboard box, on the street corner (no disrespect), either tap-dancing, or/while telling jokes with a big microphone & speaker box, while wearing a pair of wicked shades, (sunglasses), as to look, "cool", thus, out of the "cyber-world", he would be seen as, lighthearted, cool & funny, just like the website suggested...but only living on the real world, right?

(Save draft, before my battery dies, then come back and finish cleaning/polishing up draft, then add the sordid details about how/why U R all alone in this world with MS, & why U/me/I, would want/would/think about daily ...Robin W

My mother always said, "No matter how bad U think U have it, someone else will always have it worse than U." That sentence alone is the reason why I have never asked for help.

But then it dawned on me, rich or poor, ugly or pretty, short or tall, whether it B, U broke a nail, or your house burned down, and everywhere in between, everybody's pain is their own pain, and it can/does/will feel like your world has come to an end, and all U need is a friend or family to help U out. But what happens when U don't have either/any?


Organized by

Julia Hayden

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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