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You Are Loved Inc

You Are Loved Inc
CROWDRISE : Jul 31, 2012
Tax ID: 35-2398632
BASED: Edinburgh , IN, United States


You Are Loved Inc

Our Mission

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 In June of 2010, twenty year old Amy Elifritz died from Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS.)   TSS is real, it's common, and it kills.  In Amy’s memory we founded You Are Loved, Inc., an organization committed to raising awareness of the dangers of TSS and its symptoms.

Toxic Shock Syndrome develops when the common bacteria, Staphylococcus Aureus, produces a toxin which, if absorbed into the bloodstream, rapidly overwhelms the immune system and attacks the major organs, leading to kidney failure, collapse of the lungs and in severe cases, cardiac arrest. It's estimated that nationwide there are 5,000 to 10,000 cases of TSS every year. 

Please help us raise funds to support You ARE Loved.  Together we can educate the world. Join our team and become a fundraiser.

Thank you for your support. This is such important work and we really need your help!

Tax ID: 35-2398632 •


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