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Young Eisner Scholars

YES identifies young leaders from low-income communities and equips them with the resources, support, and academic skills required for success through high school, college, and career. Tax ID 27-2633827


YES Vision:

Dedicated to promoting America's promise of equal opportunity for equal talent, YES helps to reshape the landscape of low-income communities by empowering underserved students to fulfill their greatest potential.


YES Values:


Level Playing Field: YES provides students with opportunities making them competitive with their privileged peers. The program places top priority in teaching Literate Thinking and building cultural capital.


Respect and Humility: YES values the experience and perspective of our students and families. We partner with schools and communities to ensure our work is the best for our students, helping them embrace the joy of learning. We are adaptable, nimble and committed to finding and implementing best practices to serve all of our constituents.


Long-term Involvement: YES believes in the power of a lifelong, holistic commitment to each student. Starting in the 6th grade, we are invested in our students' success and support them through each chapter of their academic and professional careers.


Collaborative Partnerships: YES is committed to developing partnerships with like-minded nonprofits and organizations to maximize resources and improve outcomes for all youth across America.