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Young Lad Needs Help With School And Is Failing GCSE'S

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Hi, thanks for viewing, i am in school and having a tough time. i have been bullied all my life and have tried killing my self many of times but it didnt work, i lost my nan (one in the picture) and life has been tough and hard for me, i have many disabilities which are adhd, aspergers, anxiaty, depression, autism, touretts, bipolar and sleeping dissorder. i was always bullied but it was always about my touretts.i dont have the vocal outburst type i have the ticks, i do squinting with my eyes and embarrising things but i cant stop. i have tried and tried but i cant and everyone use to laugh and because of the bullying i fell into depression then anxiaty then self harm then suicidal. i am told to jump infront of a train or car or bus and told to hang myself and told that i should die just like my nan did. my nan died of cancer and because of that people were saying i should go die of it too. i have NO friends at all i have nothing anymore, i hate life. but i have moved school and now moving to a school with children with my disabilities so they can cope with me. i have just failed my mock exams as i hardly get sleep because i hate life and i want to get my life together. i need all your help please just help me i want to get my school essessianals to get my grades so i dont fail and get my life back on track as i have been through the unimaginable. this isnt even half of my story but if you could please help me please can you send me email amazon vouchers to tylerharrison1011@gmail.com and i can redeem them and save them up to buy my school resorces. please please help me please



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