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University School
CROWDRISE : Jul 31, 2017
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BASED: Shaker Hts, OH, United States


Youth Entrepreneurship

Every student should understand and experience entrepreneurship.

Our vision for Northeast Ohio is to engage with schools and youth organizations to provide experiential learning programs to students in K-12. Through these experiences, students learn vital life skills such as resilience, self-confidence, public speaking and financial literacy. Real world entrepreneurship activities enable students to engage the community in meaningful ways: finding sale locations, understanding and meeting needs in the community, borrowing startup funds, interacting with customers, and reinvesting profits into the community by saving (bank account), spending, and sharing some with a chosen charity.  Thousands of students have participated in one or more YEI activities. In addition, hundreds of educators and schools have benefitted from materials, events and advice provided by YEI. We frequently observe our participating students develop a new level of engagement in their economic future and excitement over career ideas. Whether they are interested in pursuing a future in entrepreneurship or not, they become empowered to take an active role in deciding what they do want to do. Positive early interactions with the local business community may inspire students to choose a life in the community as business owners, job creators, and community leaders. This translates to a strengthened local economy and strengthened community.

Tax ID: 34-0714720 •


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