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YOUNG ONE UNITED Tax ID 27-0272514



YOU is a 501(c)3 organization located in Arizona, created in December of 2006 and incorporated in October of 2009.  Its main purpose is child abuse prevention and awareness.  Through initiatives like the one proposed here, educational programming, and community outreach, YOU uses a multifaceted approach to accomplish its mission.  Additionally, YOU will occasionally partner with other like organizations in a unified effort to accomplish certain tasks or enhance community outreach.

            YOU is made up of its seven (7) Board of Directors and Members.  The current Board of Directors are:

            Chairman:  Timothy M. Collier
            Vice Chairman:  Bill Calhoon
            Secretary:  Leah Keeley
            Treasurer:  Justin Lepley
            Board Member:  Krystle Delgado*
            Board Member:  Christian Vasquez
            Board Member:  Bringham Fordham

*Krystle Delgado also serves as YOU’s Chief Executive Officer.

            Any person can become a Member of YOU by volunteering his/her time and/or making a monetary donation.  There are different levels of membership based on the amount of time a person volunteers or the amount of money a person may donate (for more information, please visit