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Emerald Soccer Club and Fleece & Thank You Event



1% Raised of $24,000 Goal

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The Story

EVENT DATE: Jun 09, 2020

The Emerald Soccer Club is partnering with Fleece & Thank You to provide hope and comfort to children battling illness. This is where the Emerald Soccer Club teams can contribute towards blankets for their event! Every $24 goes toward a blanket experience for a child in the hospital. 

Our Fight

Imagine a hospital room. Dull, white sheets on the bed. Scary beeps and boops of the monitors on the IV pole. A cold, bone-chilling temperature that makes you shiver. It’s a scary environment to think about, and yet, every minute in America, 11 children are admitted into the hospital and face this very intimidating experience. Stripped from their everyday routine of friends, school, sports, and activities, they are scared of the unknown future that will come with an extended hospital stay. Right now, we face a reality that needs our urgent attention: many kids go into the hospital and are met with the scary room we just imagined. They begin their treatments in a fearful atmosphere, and a little voice in their head says, “I am defeated already.” They are in need of comfort. They are in need of warmth. They are in need of hope. What if we could help?

Your Support

A blanket. A colorful, warm piece of hope brightening the room as it waits on the hospital bed for a warrior (the name we call our blanket recipients) to walk in for the start of treatment. The key to a child conquering the scary hospital environment is to provide them with something bright and comforting to combat the darkness. There is an inspiring power behind starting something off on a good note. We can provide that motivation to endure long treatments, the kickstart to a successful battle, and the hope that everything is going to be alright. With our support, we will be the overpowering voice in their head that screams, “I can beat this. I will beat this. I can fight, and I will fight.” YOU can make a blanket. YOU can make a video. YOU can make a difference.

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U-12 Girls Team

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U-8 Boys Team

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