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Youth Climate Summit student to attend Student Climate and Conservation Congress

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Silas Swanson is a high school junior and student representative of the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit, a climate change conference for students that has been named as a part of President Obama's Climate Action Plan and is now scaling up to start summits across the country. He has been accepted to and is asking for your support to send him to the Green School's Alliance's Sc3 (Student Climate and Conservation Congress). Through the youth summit Silas has become involved in a variety of climate activism. He is now looking to learn at Sc3 to better understand the environment and bring back this understanding to the students at the youth summit and to his home community where he has worked on international movements like the I Am Pro Snow campaign, presented for Al Gore's Climate Reality Project, participated in an ongoing reusable bag campaign, and is an active member in his high school's environmental club. Sc3, a group of students from across the nation learning in depth about climate and conservation, offers an amazing experience and opportunity for Silas to connect and discover with other passionate students. Any support that can be offered is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use by supporting climate education that can be brought back to the many students that Silas works with.



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