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Youth Edutainment League

Our primary objective is to ensure that all children are motivated to complete (at minimum) their high school education, and have the opportunity to pursue careers that may appear inaccessible.

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YEL is an alternative to the established enrichment providers (i.e. the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club). YEL provides more than just a safe place for  youth to hang out, YEL delivers a 360 degree approach.  Starting with children as young as age 5 to high school seniors,  YEL offers curriculum, coaches, mentors and paths to realization for kids whose talents or motivations do not follow the traditional academic or athletic track to success.  And just as these tracks have allowed students to become star representatives of their schools, YEL showcases the talents of kids who often have go unnoticed.  Much like the academic decathlons, and much more like any team or individual competitive sport, the YEL team members represent their respective schools in city, state and eventually, nationwide competitions.

YEL provides the framework and resources for city-wide interscholastic edutainment competitions.  The Edutainment Teams are comprised of High School students representing the the following categories:  RAPPERS/ SINGERS; DANCERS; FASHION DESIGNERS; GAMERS; ACTORS; MUSICIANS; ARTISTS; TV/FILM PRODUCTION.  Our team of active entertainment and creative professionals are deployed as coaches (one head coach and team per discipline per high school).  They  guide the students through an intensive 6 week training course to prepare them for competition against their cross-town school rivals.

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