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CROWDRISE : Mar 14, 2013
Tax ID: 30-0733119
BASED: Baton Rouge, LA, United States



Youth Continuance believes that all youth can be successful with positive guidance and highly qualified mentors. The mentors of youth continuance will assist high school students reach their destiny primarily through one on one advising.

My name is Charissa Hayes and I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. If you are not aware, Louisiana is ranked low in education here in the United States. I started Youth Continuance after teaching at a rural high school realizing that administrators focus was testing and NOT post-high school. I am passionate that ALL students should be prepared for college or the workfore after high school and it is up to US (the community) to make sure this happens regardless of social class. As a contributor you will help those who could not normally afford a tutor, ACT prep, the opportunity to get the assistance he or she needs to pass a test or score high enough on the ACT to be the first person in their family to goto college. As a contributor you will enable that boy or girl an opportunity to goto his or her first interview properly dressed with a professional resume and ettitiqute that goes with it.

What We Need & What You Get

It will take approxmiately $1500 per student, per year to properly advise, mentor, and meet these students were they are yet getting them to where they need to be. As a contributor you will be featured on our website(currently under construction), all brocheures, and you will, if desired get update information on the students your contribution assisted.

The Impact

As stated earlier you contribution will ensure that those who would not normally be able to afford the above mentioned services. The group of people put together to work with these youth all are stongly passionate about seeing our youth PROGRESS consistently and positvely.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't give financially maybe you can give some time and be come a speaker. Can't come speak maybe you can donate some materials(paper, pens, notebooks). Can't give any of the above mentioned but know someone who can, we can use your voice. Remember whatever your contribution it is greatly appreciated.

Tax ID: 30-0733119


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