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Youthire America, Inc

Youthire America, Inc
CROWDRISE : Aug 25, 2016
Tax ID: 47-5321645
BASED: Glenwood Landing, NY, United States


Youthire America, Inc

Kids Need Guidance

Our mission is to provide Young Adults with the necessary tools, personal experiences, advice and opportunities which allows them to make informed decisions about their direction in life. Our mission is to stimulate passion in Young Adults and to help them discover what truly motivates them.

Youthire America's mission is to ensure that all Young Adults that participate in our program will ultimately live a life that is personally self-fulfilling and rewarding.  

In order to accomplish this goal we feel that Young Adults need guidance towards realizing their true purpose- and passion -in life. This self-actualization can be gained through a process that includes personal involvement, experimentation, social interaction and personal experience.  

Our program incorporates these activities in several ways:

1) Providing an on-line platform, http"// which acts as a "Central Hub" from which the Young Adult can choose from four separate categories: Internships, Volunteer Projects, Traditional Employment and Odd-Jobs.  From this platform the Young Adult can select those opportunities that best match their personal interests, needs, talents and desires.  Through participation in our program the Young Adult will therefore have a resource that encourages pro-active, personal involvement towards gaining a clearer perspective of what truly motivates them.

2) Youthire America will actively seek out partnerships with local school districts, businesses, community groups and civic associations in an effort to engage the community in providing the opportunities from which Young Adults can select.

3) We will also provide guidance in the form of volunteer mentorships which will act as a valuable resource for Young Adults to gain information about areas of personal interest.  It is our hope that these mentorships can also provide a "network of connections" that can assist in creating Internship opportunities, hands-on experience or actual employment.

4) Young Adults themselves will act as Ambassadors for the program within their local community.  These Ambassadors will act as a role model (and prime example) of the benefits that the Youthire program has provided for them.  These Ambassadors will therefore encourage more participation in the program.

5) The Youthire America program will connect local communities through the combination of technology and the assistance of local school districts, businesses, community groups and civic organizations.  Our Odd-Jobs program, for instance, will provide a means for local residents to provide low-skilled work opportunities for Young Adults that allows them to earn income in their spare time.  This aspect of our program will also encourage a "neighbor-helping-neighbor"  approach that will only strengthen community ties.

6) This same approach will also apply to local businesses that seek employment help and civic organizations that seek volunteers.  Our program will therefore further connect communities with Young Adults to provide necessary assistance and perform necessary service. 

Youthire America strives to provide an all-encompassing program that will allow the Young Adult to gain a clearer understanding of what truly motivates themin an environment that is fun and memorable.  The ulitimate goal - and one that will provide the most satisfaction for our organization - will be to hear the individual success stories in which participants in our program relate their personal experiences - and how they were able to make decisions that led to a life that is rewarding and self-fulfilling.

We appreciate any donation that you can make to help us grow our program.  Your donation will help us to maintain our organization infrastructure while also providing the financial means to access communities and work with them to implement our program.  

Thank you,

The Youthire America Team

Tax ID: 47-5321645 •




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