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the Youth Mentor's Workshop

Organized by: Mike McDaniel

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Young people discover a path to success when we "make wisdom human to the adolescent mind [Will Durant]".


The Youth Mentor's Workshop is a not-for-profit company dedicated to supporting mentors who are passing on their wisdom to kids.  

We are also building a sports drink business at the Workshop to provide a steady source of funding for mentoring organizations.  Our goal is to fill the Workshop with social entrepreneurs who are committed to helping at risk youth learn how to realize their dreams. 

That is the Youth Mentor’s Workshop – It is our Dream for Kids!  see

Introducing the Youth Mentor’s Workshop


Years ago there was an eight year old boy struggling with family neglect and negative peer feedback.  He didn’t feel good about himself because of it. Consequently, his first years of school were unproductive.  

His lack of progress was complicated by attention issues.  He was smart enough to do well but he just would not participate in class.

His classroom had a college student who was earning university credits as a teacher’s assistant.  One day these two began to read books together.  They soon progressed to playing ball at recess, working on math assignments after school and talking about things they liked to do.  


The young boy began to smile more and he worked harder as their friendship developed. It was apparent that he felt good about what he was doing.  That is why he rallied. 

Maya Angelou had it right when she said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 


Due in part to this mentoring relationship, the young boy did some catching up that school year.  He progressed from one to only a half grade level behind his age bracket.  The college student benefited from the mentor experience too, more than he realized at the time.

When our spring term ended, that young boy and I parted.  I trust our time together had a positive impact on his life.  Hopefully he remembers how he felt about our relationship. Through the years I have thought about him.


This mentor experience influenced my life choices, both then and now. Mentoring works like that because it produces a set of enduring feelings.

The management philosophy I developed in the food and beverage business, and later wrote a book on, leaned heavily on peer mentoring as a learning tool. We also have three grownup kids we raised in a mentoring home environment.


From this set of experiences we learned that mentoring can be a dynamic force.  We want to provide this dynamic to lots of kids by supporting youth mentors in our country.  

One-quarter of every dollar you donate to our non-profit this time will go to the Mike Program.  The balance you give will be used to promote the sports drink business we describe below.  

The sports drink business is owned by the Youth Mentor's Workshop and is being developed to provide a dependable and renewing source of funds for kid mentoring programs across the country.


Charles Swindell said, “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”  

While our initiative may appear too small to reduce the impossible proportions of our ‘at risk’ youth problem, we think it is a great opportunity to make a difference.  We believe it can become a major source of ideas, training and funding for kid mentors across the country.

Mentors  are at work today proving to America that impossible change IS INDEED POSSIBLE!  Please support them by donating to the Youth Mentor's Workshop!

About the Mike Program and 2MAC Sports Drinks

The following outline summarizes our strategy for the Workshop.  We think it is an exciting plan for kids.


The Mike Program in Portland, Oregon is the first of many mentor groups we want to support [its naming is a coincidence as I have had no involvement with this group yet].  They are doing great things with young people which you can read about at

The Youth Mentor's Workshop operates as a not-for-profit company.  We formed it in the State of Washington to be our conduit for providing support to mentor programs like MIKE.  

Beyond the Mike Program, we will focus on backing mentor groups who are weaving together education with sports or lower key exercise programs.  We believe a healthy combination of these activities is a hugely important part of securing our kid's long term success and well being.

FUNDING [Please rally with your donation]

The sports drink business, named 2MAC Nutrition, is owned by the Workshop.  With your donation, we can implement a national marketing plan for our sports drink program.  A national sales program will generate a significant stream of income to support many mentors in this country.

 If we secure the funding to go national,  I will commit the rest of my career, and part of my retirement, to building the mentor and drink programs for the Workshop.

Joni and I have spent the time and money to develop a set of “all natural” sports drink formulas.  Our work includes rigorous taste and field testing on the drinks as well.  Check us out at  We think our drinks outperform the top selling brands on the market; and ours taste great.  

Drink production and order fulfillment is contracted to an unrelated charitable company.  They specialize in hiring unemployed people to retrain for new careers in food production.


The unrelated charity operates in a facility they own.  They fulfill their mission by taking on assignments from food companies who want to outsource packaging or production.  

After completing each job the food products are shipped to order or sent back to the consigning companies for distribution.  All these activities provide an excellent job training experience. 

Of significant note is the fact that the charity’s manufacturing capability can scale up to a large volume for us.  I will do the marketing and sales of 2MAC products for the Workshop.


One of the strengths of this plan is how the sports drink business can be scaled into a sizable beverage program with minimal capital investment. Another advantage is the Workshop’s focus on supporting highly effective mentor groups, who are already at work, with training, materials and funding.  

By partnering with mentoring organizations already at work, our costs are reduced because our administrative expenses are minimized. This equates to more of each Workshop dollar going directly to mentor programs and less towards an unneeded layer of administration in the mentoring system.


"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new [Socrates]."  That is our strategy.  Please donate to the Youth Mentor's Workshop!



Organized by

Mike McDaniel

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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