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Support International Volunteers and Local Communities Working Together to Build Back Better after Natural Disaster

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Young Pioneer Disaster Response (YPDR) implements innovative and sustainable responses to disasters and post-disaster rehabilitation, working to help communities recover quickly and build back more resiliently than before.​


YPDR was founded in December 2013 in response to the devastating Super Typhoon Yolanda (internationally know as Haiyan), the strongest typhoon to ever hit the Philippines.What began as a few friends looking to help has grown into a large-scale professional humanitarian emergencyresponse and rapid housing construction operation, with its 501(c)(3) status in America and its DSWD accreditation in the Philippines.

In the past year, more than 200 volunteers from 31 countries and 170 local workers, together with our partner Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH), have worked to build 960 homes and retrofitted another 130, proving safe shelter to approximately 5,668 people. We are proud that all 960 homes survived Typhoon Ruby, proving their typhoon resistance.


Together with its partners and donors, YPDR has trained 146 carpenters in typhoon resistant construction techniques, performed medical missions for 3,357 patients, rehabilitated 19 classrooms, built a brand new 3-classroom school building, performed training on sanitation and hygiene with 6,000 children, built and deployed 101 artificial reef structures in marine protected areas, and initiated a livelihood program for women, among many other activities.On Bantayan Island, we continue in 2015 to work on an integrated marine rehabilitation program, educating, protecting,and rebuilding marine sanctuaries.


We couldn’t be more proud of our team, especially in our local workers, as well as our executive team that has worked selflessly without salary for over a year. We could not have achieved any of this without the support of our many wonderful partners, donors, families and friends. Disaster response is a team effort and by working together we can achieve our dream of a more resilient Philippines. We can’t do this without you. Please support our work today!


We truly appreciate your time and hope that you find this endeavor as meaningful as we do.


With gratitude,

The YPDR Team