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Youth Regional Center for Peace and Tolerance

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Youth regional center for peace and tolerance intended primarily to host young people from the region who are socially vulnerable, all for the purpose of mutual information, education and reconciliation among the nations of the former Yugoslavia.During the 90-ies ,starting from 1991 to 1999 year in the former Yugoslavia occurred 4 wars which are directly or indirectly participated seven nations.
The war left a large impact on the humanitarian, economic and social fields, as the generation which grew up at and the generation that was born after the war.
In the countries of former Yugoslavia, among young people is a growing xenophobia, intolerance and increasing remoteness and hostility towards members of other ethnic groups from the former Yugoslavia.
Although all of the same language area, lack of funds for travel, lack of education, the presence of nationalism in the media and society have led to the generation born after the war have the opportunity to meet with their peers from neighboring states.
For this reason, we had the idea to set up a regional youth center that deals with the promotion of peace and tolerance among young people from countries in the region.
Center would be dedicated to educating and informing, and would be financed with funds from various foundations and government grants. Centre would be dedicated to housing, education, educational seminars for young people from all over the region, especially young people who are socially vulnerable.
Center in the first phase possessed capacity to accommodate up to 30 people, which would come at the expense of the non government organizations across the region to get to know each other, exchange experiences and learned about the values of contemporary society.
The idea is that once a month is organized by a group which visited the center at least three days, and at a later stage of development of the center, it would be possible to accommodate up to three groups per month.
We hope that in this way we will be able to collect funds for the first phase of the project, in order to initiate funding from the state and the foundations for the second phase of the project.

Regional youth center in its structure will be:
2.Conference multimedia room.
4. Room capacity for 30 people (10 rooms with bathroom size 20 squaree meters)
5.Large backyard for the organization of celebrations, socializing and everyday activities equipped with pool and other facilities.
6.Connecting with regional NGOs

1.Buying a plot with a house on Mount Fruska Gora in Serbia, Vojvodina province near the city of Novi Sad.
Anticipated costs $ -25,000
2.Reconstruction of house and environment (office, garden, buffet) - $ 15,000
3.Building of ancillary facilities for the accommodation in size of 300 square meters-$ 40,000
4. equipping with furniture, purchase of books and computers and other equipment- $ 20,000


In the second phase, we expect government assistance, the EU Foundation, a foundation involved in financing projects of common interest, as well as foundations dealing with the financing of NGO projects.
1. Capacity expansion for 300 square meters.
2 Building of 2 additional conference haals with complete technical equipment.
3.Adaptation of space for summer youth camps,and other activities.



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