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YWCA Rock County

YWCA Rock County is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Tax ID 39-0808510


YWCA Rock County will be our county's community leader in education and action for empowering women, children and families and the influencing force for dismantling racism.

We have five focus programs:  YWCA Rock County Child Care Program, YWCA Rock County Immigrant Outreach Program and Racial Justice, YWCA Rock County Alternatives to Violence, YWCA Rock County Transitions for Women Program and the YWCA Rock County CARE House.

The YWCA Rock County Alternatives to Violence Program offers victims of Domestice Violence a safe haven in a 33 bed shelter and provides safety planning, assistance with restraining orders and court appearances, case management, and support groups.  Many women fleeing from Domestic Violence leave their home with little or no possessions.  The YWCA Rock County assists the women and her children with personal hygiene products, diapers, clothing and more. 

Once a woman determines to leave her abuser and begin a life of independance, she can find economic and empowerment by becoming a participant in the YWCA Rock County Transitions for Women program.  Some victims may seek residence in one of the 11 apartments in the Jeffris Flats in downtown Janesville, Wisconsin in addition to participating in the program; other victims may just benefit from the program itself.  Following completion of the 12 - 18 month program, the woman many be eligible to receive a Section 8 voucher for a residence in Janesville, Wisconsin. 

The YWCA CARE House Program is the first Child Advocacy Center in wisconsine and provides a child-centered approach to the prevention, investigation and treatment of child sexual and physical abuse, and/or neglect.  Forensic interviews are conducted and are admissable in court, eliminating the need for the child to repeat the story in the court room environment.