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BENEFITING: Helping Hands Food Ko Op

EVENT: Passover Food For the Needy

EVENT DATE: Mar 15, 2012


Yitzchak Zweig



These are not normal times.

         Too many people here have lost their jobs.  Too many Jewish families here are battling severe financial issues.  The recession and surging unemployment has hit too many once-thriving Jewish businesses - not to mention individual cash reserves. For many of us, those that have never experienced a deep and drawn out recession, these are very frightening times.  

        This brings us to why we are writing this message to you.

        More than ever before, our community needs us - each one of us. 

        We realize you're also being solicited for worthy Jewish causes across the country and in Israel.  But it is our responsibility as community members to take care of our own community first. 

  There are many families IN OUR OWN COMMUNITY that are unable to take care of their families' most basic need - obtaining Kosher food at an affordable price. These families are not looking for a hand out - they are hard working, often with two incomes. Unfortunately with the high cost of food in both supermarkets and kosher stores coupled with all their other expenses, they are cutting back in the most flexible of expenses - their food budget.  

  In response to this problem a community wide initiative was undertaken to help ease the burden on these stricken families. 

 “Helping Hands Food Ko Op”


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