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Asser Shahin's Fundraiser:

Zaatari Camp UNHCR winter blankets

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Asser Shahin


It's getting colder and more tense within the UNHCR camp areas, and amid to the current political and economical events, the situation is yet neither resolved nor refined, which in turn has negative impact upon the possible future revival of the Syrian society through molesting most vulnerable age and gender groups presented by women and children.

Many families already immigrated safely to other regions; However, is it possible for those families to still posses the same Syrian cultural backgrounds upon attempt rebuilding their nation ?

My fund raising is an attempt to approach Syrians who didn't have the opportunity to flee away from the region. Syrians who still didn't mix with other cultures, whom didn't have anything but psychological civil war traumas, Syrians whom have nothing but a hope for safe borders one day to go through, in an attempt of replenishment based on their own preserved culture. Our role as international community towards Syrian refugees whom exceed 79,200 refugee only within Zaatari camp at this point, is to not preclude such potential events; moreover aid and assist meticulously such potential outcome in aim to mitigate the current bitter circumstances.

The fund money will assist in marshaling aid against bitter winter cold through providing winter blankets in sprawling Zaatari UNHCR refugee camp, in a drive for expounding the care driven by the international community towards Syrian refugees and the importance of cultural perseverance of indigenous impecunious inhabitants.



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