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Zach Miles

Zach Miles
Langhorne, PA United States
Stuff About Me:

There's not enough space or time to talk about my whole story and what compelled me to start this but I will take the time to tell you guys a little something . Addiction ran in my family for a long time . It toke over my life and ruined a lot of friendships, relationships, and worst of all broke up the little family I had left . Nobody knew if I was still alive, they just knew if I was I wouldn't be for long . I lost a lot of close friends to overdoses , more then I'm willing to talk about or mention .  And every single one of them were smart, talented, and amazing people that never deserved to die at such a young age . Nobody does . I found a new way of life , one so amazing that I want to share it with everybody struggling with drug and alcohol problems .  A lot of these people burnt all there bridges a long time ago and live outside in the war zones of Philadelphia . Some of these people didn't have bridges to burn and wasn't lucky enough to have  some of the opportunities  we are so lucky to have . I was lucky to be given a second chance and I think everybody should  be given the same . No matter what they did .  The question is, how is serving food to these people going to help them with there actual issues besides hunger ?  The answer to that question is simple  because not only will we be handing out food but we will be handing out pamphlets that explain a way out of the struggle .  It will tell a tale of hope for the future, witch is exactly what these people need . Hope .. Will some of these people just come for the food and ignore anything good we have to say about a new life ? Yes, most definitely . But even if we can just save one or two lives by showing them what recovery does and what there life can become if they put down the drugs than that's totally worth it to me . Then maybe those couple people will save other peoples lives and that cycle continues and our community's grow stronger and lives get saved every day by doing something as simple as handing out food and talking to them . Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you decide to support us . #hopeforthefuture



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