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Zander Rounds wrote -

This winter break I will leave the glistening land of porcelain and tap water and shower heads for one categorically different: Northern Ghana.

In Northern Ghana, 1.8 MILLION people lack access to improved sources water.

The resulting endemic water-borne illnesses are devastating for a developing community, especially because of the disproportionate effect of these diseases on youth. In fact, 1 in 5 children in northern Ghana suffers from diarrheal diseases. It is not surprising thus that Ghana’s under-five mortality ranks 130th out of 169 countries according to the Human Development Index.

But the worst part?

Each death due to water-borne illness is a PREVENTABLE death.

Community Water Solutions is a non-profit social enterprise that partners with rural communities in developing countries to establish SUSTAINABLE water treatment businesses. Instead of airdropping cases of Dasani, CWS fellows (like me) work directly with members of a community to build a for-profit water treatment center that is owned and run by members of the village and uses low-cost technology. Once established, these water businesses empower people in rural areas to take control of their own water quality. (Find out more at http://www.communitywatersolutions.org/).

I am excited to be part of a team of four implementing one of these water businesses in a new village this winter.

Where do YOU come in?

Although once established the maintenance and operation of this business will be funded by the sale of safe drinking water, I am fundraising the capital necessary to establish it. For that I need YOUR help. Please consider donating to help me make a concrete difference in this community.


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