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Zipping for Autism  was created by a parent, teacher, and local business owner who is passionate about services for people with ASD and their families. This event is a grass-roots effort by families, local businesses, and other supporters who realize it is up to the community to step up and make a difference for children and families in the community. ZFA was born in western NC, all funds remain in our region, and you will benefit from the experience of being involved in a unique, local, and fun event. This year, we are supporting Lakey Gap Autism Programs! FAQs,  or "Questions we thought you would ask" How does it work? Think of it like this: Zipping for Autism is basically a "crowd-funding" campaign with a sweet pot for all of the teams who raise $800 or more. What is in that pot, you ask? Why, its a Zipline Adventure for you and your team through the trees in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina! So, back to that "crowd-funding" thing...what the heck is that? Crowd-funding is a fundraising model that incorporates as many people as possible (aka, "the crowd") sharing and seeking donations for a cause that they support (that's us!) When you form a team, you can recruit up to 10 members to help get you to that magic $800.  Does that mean only 10 people can donate to any team? Heck No! Each team is limited to 10 people for Zipping, but you are encouraged to get as many people as possible to donate to your team page! There will be an option to "register for a team" or "donate to a team without registering" Sounds great! What now? Once you decide that you want to start a team, join a team, or donate to a team, simply click on the appropriate button and let the magic of the internet take you where you need to go!  Should I keep my participation in this event a secret? Absolutely not! Proclaim it from the rooftops! Tell anyone who will listen! Most importantly, SHARE THIS PAGE with your social networks, via email, and on any other platform where you think people will see it.  What is Lakey Gap Autism Programs?* You may be familiar with their flagship program, Camp Lakey Gap, or CLG. CLG has earned a place in the hearts of many in WNC as a place for autistic children and adults to enjoy a summer camp experience designed to meet their individual needs.  As CLG continued to invest in the lives of the campers and staff we see each summer, they realized there are needs in the community beyond summer camp that could use more attention. With that, the CLG team decided to expand our reach by offering the following services in addition to the summer camp: Social Groups Parent Support meetings Vocational training opportunities Talks by members of the local ASD community, including people with autism, parents, caregivers, and professionals *We couldn't decide if you would ask "what is" or "what are" Lakey Gap programs, so we flipped a coin and went with "is." It's a singular thing, but that singular thing is comprised of many programs, and now we're more confused than we were when we started writing this note that was meant to clarify something. And who am us, anyway? All of the money raised from individual and team donations from Zipping for Autism support Lakey Gap Autism Programs, located in Black Mountain and serving Western North Carolina families for nearly 20 years.  The Autism Society of North Carolina is the leading statewide resource organization serving people across the autism spectrum throughout their lifespans.We understand the challenges of the autism community because we work with individuals on the autism spectrum and their families every day. We offer advocacy, training and education, and direct care.We have a statewide network of resources, connecting individuals with autism and their families to life-changing programs and supports unavailable anywhere else. To learn more about our programs and services, visit our website.   The Adventure Center of Asheville is a member of the Wildwater Adventure Centers family. Both adventure attractions come with over 40 years of experience and have several family members living in Asheville and assisting with operations. Wildwater, a family business, started in 1971, and it serves over 90,000 guests annually on five unique zipline tours and four of the most popular whitewater rivers around Asheville and across the southeast. To learn more about The Adventure Center of Asheville and Wildwater Adventure Centers, visit, or contact Jeff Greiner.



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