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CROWDRISE : Jan 19, 2012
Tax ID: 94-3227113
BASED: Munster, IN, United States




The Zhejiang University Education Foundation (USA) was initially known as “The American Zhu Kezhen Education Foundation”, which was established in 1995 by several Zhejiang University (ZJU) alumni in the USA. It was registered in California as a nonprofit public benefit corporation (a 501 © 3, with tax exempt status) in May 1995. The “Foundation” was named after the late Dr. Zhu Kezhen (a.k.a. Chu Kochen or K. Z. Zu; 1890-1974), who was a Harvard educated meteorologist, and an eminent researcher and educator in modern Chinese history. Professor Zhu served as the president of Zhejiang University for 13 years (1936 – 1949). Under his distinguished leadership, Zhejiang University became one of the top universities in China.

Mission Statement The Foundation is dedicated to enriching, strengthening, enhancing, and supporting the advancement of Zhejiang University in fulfilling its own mission of excellence in education, research, and service. TheFoundation solicits support for the University’s activities commensurate to a premier international university. 

Vision Excellence in education is critically important to the career development of students and to the well-being of the society. In this conviction, the Foundation brings the University, alumni, and friends together to improve the quality of education. The Foundation endeavors not only to enhance the educational experiences for the students at Zhejiang University, but also to promote international exchange of students, faculty and staff. 

Constituency The Foundation achieves the mission and vision by soliciting inputs and support among Zhejiang University alumni and friends in the United States. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of a group of volunteers from Zhejiang University alumni and friends with demonstrated integrity and commitment through their alumni service, community involvement or professional activities. The Advisory Board consists of Zhejiang University alumni and friends with exceptional experience and dedication to advise and otherwise assist various functions of the Foundation.

Strategic Importance Zhejiang University underwent a merge with Hangzhou University, Zhejiang Medical University and Zhejiang Agricultural University in the summer of 1998, which greatly enhanced the comprehensiveness of the University. This Foundation will not only seek ways to support the classical disciplines in higher education, but also strive to promote multi-disciplinary studies that are strategically important to meeting current and future demands of the society. 

Tax ID: 94-3227113 •